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    A subscription will cost you less than per month, and you get access to unlimited searches! On Valentine's Day, some singles may be inspired to step up their dating game. Amy Giberson, now 34, was reluctant to try internet dating again but she decided to give it one more shot in 2014. There are a slew of sites and apps to help singles find love and, for the most part, they work, according to Consumer Reports.

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    How well you communicate has a direct correlation to the success of your relationship.

    Your marriage will never rise above the level of your mouth.

    The Wealth Beyond Reason Starter Pack Booster Edition is a powerful introductory course in the Law of Attraction from Bob Doyle, one of the featured teachers in "The Secret".

    This program approaches the Law of Attraction from a scientific and practical point of view and includes Bob's book "Wealth Beyond Reason", a one-page Daily Manifestation Guide which provides a step-by-step process for attracting your desires on a daily basis, the highly acclaimed "Experiential Meditation" in the MP3 format, and 90-minute teleseminar where Bob answers the toughest Law of Attraction questions he received from close to 1500 people. There is something that people are not saying that you need to know.

    Where motivation meets the red carpet you will find Cindy Ashton taking the stage!

    After conquering life threatening illness beyond what doctors believed possible, she empowers people to use LOA to break through their barriers so they can be the star in their own life. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed personal development trainer, life-changing success coach and best-selling author of five books available worldwide.

    But that was the problem: He couldn’t see a reason, and It was subtle and hard to spot. He managed to cut down his learning time by at least 80%.

    In my training, I took him out into the field (to a couple clubs), and it took me a little while to figure out what his challenge was, but then I saw it – plain as day.

    7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem Audio and Success Club Membership from Dr. Center For Personal & creator of "The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Success and Happiness." Download your FREE gifts and create soaring self-esteem, abundance, happiness, and your dream life.David Crystal Interview (Part 1) Professor of Linguistics Talking about language with one of the world’s top experts on linguistics, Professor David Crystal. The 36 Questions that Lead to Love (with Amber & Paul) Listen to Amber, Paul and me answering questions designed by psychologists to help couples or friends become closer and more intimate. Another episode done in a similar style to the last one, with some news, some rambling and some questions and comments from the website. ” [Video] Interviewing Paul Taylor about his comedy projects, including “What the F*ck France” on Canal / Youtube and his stand-up shows #Franglais and The Paul Taylor Comedy Night. It creates some discussion about the way the meanings of words evolve over time. Now he sells his own documentaries about films on his website.I was invited onto the “English Across The Pond” Podcast and we talked about humour – check it out here. A Conversation About Language (with Amber & Paul) Discussing language with Amber & Paul, including issues such as errors made by native speakers, language change, whether language standards are declining, the effects of technology on language and how to cut an avocado without injuring yourself. Film Club: Alien Covenant Rambling about the Alien franchise and a review of the new film “Alien: Covenant”. Comments & Questions Going through questions from the comment section with some grammar, some vocab, some reactions to recent episodes and some bits relating to how you can continue to push your English with this podcast. Film Club: Touching the Void (Part 2) Part 2 of this Film Club episode looking at the award-winning documentary “Touching the Void” which tells the story of a mountain climbing expedition which goes wrong. British TV: Top Gear Talking about Top Gear, one of the UK’s most popular television programmes. The Rick Thompson Report: Snap General Election 2017 Politics is back on LEP as I talk to my Dad about recent developments in the UK, specifically the General Election which is due to take place on 8 June. The Trip to Japan (Part 2) Describing my recent trip to Japan and exploring the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. The Trip to Japan (Part 1) Describing my recent trip to Japan and exploring the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. Andy Johnson at the IATEFL Conference Talking to Andy about the world’s biggest conference for English teaching, plus more conversation about millennials, advice on giving presentations and some fun anecdotes. This Pile of Books on my Desk Talking about a pile of 16 (mostly) unread books which has been sitting on my desk for months. Reading Books to Learn English Recommending some self-study books for improving your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, talking about the value of reading for your English and some ways you can use books to improve your English in general. Topics in this episode will include: My live comedy show in Tokyo on 13 April, LEPster meetups, humour, grammar, understanding TV and Movies, Breaking Bad, Logan and more… Ramble News – 31 March 2017 A rambly episode with some news from the UK, some comments, some questions, some updates about LEPster meetups in Moscow, Tokyo and London and so on. The Return of The Lying Game (with Amber & Paul) [Video] Amber, Paul and I play another round of The Lying Game, in which we each tell a story and the others have to guess if it’s true or a lie. This conversation explores the subjects of his film analysis, hidden messages in films, the work of Stanley Kubrick and a conspiracy theory about the moon landing. In Conversation with Rob Ager from Liverpool (PART 1: Life in Liverpool / Interest in Film Analysis) Rob Ager has built his own career as a film critic on You Tube. Can you take the test and get all the right responses? Talking about being married to a foreign person, bringing up bilingual kids, and slang from Australia and Northern Ireland. I was on The Rock n’ Roll English Podcast and The Earful Tower Podcast this week Listen to my appearances on several other podcasts. The Rick Thompson Report: Post-Election 2017 Talking to my Dad about the results of the 8 June general election in the UK. Conclusions about Language Learning from the David Crystal Interview (Part 2) Considering the points made by Prof. The Rick Thompson Report: Technology and The Future (January 2017) Talking to my Dad about developments in technology in the future. New Year’s Resolutions and Language Learning in 2017 Talking about typical new year’s resolutions in the UK, my resolutions about learning French, and ideas in which you can improve your English this year. There are videos for the intro and outro of this episode. Reflections on Language Learning & Working as a Translator: Interview with Kristina from Russia, Winner of the LEP Anecdote Competition 2016 In conversation with Kristina from Russia, the winner of the LEP anecdote competition 2016. Listen to this episode to get lots of advice on breaking the intermediate plateau. Please take my survey / Anecdote Competition / ‘Russian Joke’ Video A quick message asking listeners to take a survey about LEP, some comments about the anecdote competition and a video explaining the ‘Russian joke’. Mod Culture with Ian Moore Conversation with author and comedian Ian Moore about the British ‘mod’ subculture. Discussing Cultural Differences with Amber & Paul Comparing behaviour and communication styles in different cultures around the world. Catching Up with Amber and Paul #3 More spontaneous conversation with podcast friends Amber Minogue and Paul Taylor. The LEP Anecdote Competition Details of a new interactive competition for listeners. Holiday in Thailand (Part 2) Part 2 of this description of my recent holiday in Thailand. Sarah Donnelly) Conversation and language analysis with the podpals and guest Sarah. Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon Rambling on about so-called “facts” I found on the internet, while sitting in direct sunshine wishing I had beer. more podcast statistics An overview of how 2016 was for Luke’s English Podcast including some details about the top 5 episodes, the top 20 countries, and more statistics for the last 12 months. With the Family (Part 3) More Encounters with Famous People My mum, dad and brother tell us a few more anecdotes about their encounters with some well-known people. With the Family (Part 2) My Uncle Met a Rock Star Listen to my uncle Nic telling some stories about British rock stars he has met over the years, including an encounter with one of the most famous musicians in the world! With The Family (Part 1) Mum’s Cooking Vocabulary (with Uncle Nic) A conversation with my family about how to cook a delicious Turkey dinner and some vocabulary teaching. British Festivals and Holidays (Part 2) An episode all about special days and celebrations in the British calendar. Teaching 12 Idioms in the Street / On the Set of Paul’s TV Show (with Amber) Amber & I teach you 12 idiomatic English phrases while attending the filming of an episode of Paul Taylor’s TV show on the street in Paris. A CHRISTMAS MEGA-RAMBLE with AMBER MINOGUE A rambling conversation with Amber about Christmas and more! Catching Up With Amber & Paul #4 ( videos) Amber & Paul are back on the podcast and we do the usual catching-up session and go off on a few tangents about Amber’s play, Paul’s showbiz life, marshmallows, microphones, tea & coffee, accents and more. 2016 (Post-Truth Politics, Cricket and Tetris) Talking to my Dad about recent news, including a Brexit update, comments about post-truth politics and more. ‘Switch off your editor’ to improve your fluency in English Advice about how you can use this creativity boosting technique to push your fluency in English. The Pink Gorilla Story 2 Having fun in the 400th episode with another improvised comedy story. The Return of Molly Martinez (with Dane Nightingale) Talking with two American friends (including Molly from episodes 198 & 199) about TV journalism, how the Internet works, the US presidential election results, California’s new marijuana laws and puffins. US Election Result Ramble Message Song First impressions of the US Presidential Election, plus a message for my listeners and a song or two. An 80-Minute Ramble Talking spontaneously about winter and some Netflix recommendations. The LEP Anecdote Competition – ROUND 2 Listen to the 10 anecdotes that got through to round 2 of the competition and vote for your favourites. We talk about cultural and linguistic differences in different countries, doing stand-up comedy and getting Darth Vader’s signature. Finding it hard to make progress beyond an intermediate level? Teaching Grammar & Social English A review of some of language points I have been teaching recently including some grammar, some social English and quite a lot of silly improvisation and musical interludes. More Ian Moore The second part of my chat with British writer and comedian Ian Moore.

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