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    We have never had a healthy sex life, until my sobriety. Und so liefen die Daten nicht über zentrale Server, sondern die Teilnehmer des Netzes verbinden sich untereinander.

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    Cologne, Germany Cologne is not a place for lovers, its charms are best seen alone. But I’m not rising to the bait - I actually think our second city is a great place for a romantic break. It’s charmless, grey and polluted; the only reason to go (and the reason I was there) is to hop on a boat down the Yangtze, and even that isn’t very picturesque until you’re well out of the city.Large cities across South America have social and economic challenges, but none fail them quite so consistently as the continent’s biggest conurbation.When the days are spent worrying about being robbed and the nights too dangerous even to venture outside, there’s not much room for romance. These are the destinations to consider - and those to avoid at all costs - according to research by the website The capital takes the title of Britain's most romantic place, with 18 per cent of people naming it number one.Similarly, trekking with your loved one to reach the ruins of Machu Picchu at sunrise seems like romantic nirvana—until you find your physical (and relationship) limits tested by being stuck for days in a 12-person group with a case of altitude sickness or vertigo.

    Sao Paulo, Brazil If Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s sexy party girl, then Sao Paulo is its big junkie cousin that no one in the family talks about any more.

    2,000 people were polled, and asked to name the most and least romantic destinations in the U. York Used to be the capital city of Britannia Inferior, under the Romans, and has managed to maintain the kind of industrial links—wool, railways, the Church of England—that only add to the charm of the place. Edinburgh Castles and culture and cuisine and that delightful Scottish burr everywhere you go. Nevertheless the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and boasts stunning architecture. Here’s where you’ll find red squirrels in abundance (North American grey squirrels have taken over most of what habitat there is left for squirrels on the mainland), and the homes of the poets Swinburne and Tennyson, and Queen Victoria’s summer holiday palace. Devon It’s like Cornwall, for people with less time to spend getting there. Slough Struck by the twin arrows of Sir John Betjeman—”come friendly bombs and fall on Slough; It isn’t fit for humans now”—and Ricky Gervais setting there, Slough is considered to be the kind of town that is all sub and no urb. Forever associated in the public imagination with people being comically dim, if you take someone there on a date, romance is unlikely to flower. Scunthorpe The third largest urban conurbation in Lincolnshire, and the kind of town that has been artificially enhanced by industry. Bradford Another industrial town in the North, albeit one with a strong sense of community and some fine old buildings.

    K., which is a little unfair, given that it’s unlikely all 2,000 of them have even been to these 20 locations, let along the ones that didn’t make the grade. It’s got hills and lakes and beautiful villages that sell cakes and fresh food. Granted, the festival takes place too late into the year for Valentine’s Day, but it’s still an unforgettable place to visit. There are more corporate central offices there than anywhere outside of London, which is just what every girl wants to hear. Scunthorpe tends to suffer in polls of this nature because it has an unappealing name. It is, however, called Bradford: the place where Brads can cross the river.

    The Cotswolds An easier-to-get-to Lake District with smaller hills and lakes. And if that’s an unappealing thought, now you know why these places are on this list. London Has some lovely bits, and some horrible bits. Stockton on Tees A slightly baffling choice, given that it’s a market town, and people tend to really like market towns. Blackpool A perfect place to go if you are 18 and want to go on your first friends-only holiday, get very drunk and snog random strangers.

    Some people prefer fresh air and a view of the sea. Crewe A notable stopping point for trains heading up the country to Scotland, Crewe also has most of the letters of a word used to describe a sexual act in fairly blunt terms, which probably accounts for its inclusion. And it has significantly less rain than other places, and the local accent is warm, friendly and welcoming, which is why so many service industries are based there. Or go a hen night or stag do (bachelorette or bachelor party) and get very drunk and snog random strangers.

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